Mardi Gras Royalty

Each year a new King and Queen are cho­sen by the Mysti Krewe of Nimbus and announced dur­ing the Mardi Gras Ball.

The pri­ma­ry respon­si­bil­i­ties of Mardi Gras Ball Royalty are to rep­re­sent the Krewe with appro­pri­ate lev­els of Joie de Vivre. Long live our Kings and Queens!

2011: The First King and Queen : King Paul Ronan and Queen Kate McCutchen.

2011 Royalty King Paul and Queen Kate
2011 Royalty King Paul and Queen Kate

2012: The crowns, robes and scepters were relin­quished to Queen Kathy Ware and King Bruce Polonsky

Mardi Gras Ball Royalty QueenKathy and King Bruce 2012
Mardi Gras Royalty 2012 Queen Kathy and King Bruce

2013: Despite threats of a king­ly Coup d'Etat, Queen Chris Crawley and King John Mason peace­ful­ly ascend­ed to the throne

Queen Chris and King John 2013
Queen Chris and King John 2013

2014:  Queen Jane Martin Manning and King David Johnson
begin their reign as Mardi Gras Royalty!